Communicating with Families about Survey Projects

It is important to keep families up to date about the survey projects your school or district is working on, especially if you will be asking families or their students to take surveys. To support your goal of engaging family members in what's happening across the district, Panorama has created a Survey Communications Toolkit filled with sample letters and emails you can send out to families to keep them informed.  Clicking on the toolkit to the right will bring you to a view-only Google Doc, which you can copy or download to edit it to fit your district's needs. 

Survey Communications Toolkit

Contents of the Toolkit:

  1. How to Use the Communications Toolkit
  2. Communication Best Practices
  3. Messaging About Family Surveys
    1. Survey Notification Email [English and Spanish]
    2. Survey is Live Email [English and Spanish]
    3. Survey Closing Soon [English and Spanish]
  4. Messaging About Student Surveys
    1. Student Opt-Out Letter [English and Spanish]
  5. Glossary of Survey Terms
A Note About Student Opt-Out Letters
At Panorama, it is our best practice to provide letters that allow guardians to opt their students out of taking the survey, rather than requiring signed letters to opt students in. This typically results in higher response rates, while still keeping families informed and allowing them to choose if they do not want their children to be surveyed. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Panorama contact or!

Below you'll also find links to other articles that may be helpful as you're thinking about building buy-in and keeping your school community informed about new and ongoing survey projects.

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