How do I print my student's profile page?

This feature is now available for partners with Student Success, click here to learn more!

We know that it is important for educators to have a dynamic tool to inform how you best support individual students. We also understand that educators need to share data in multiple formats with different stakeholder groups (e.g. parents, students, peers, school and/or district administrators). You can print a student profile page, a school roster page, or a group overview by clicking the "print" button in the right corner of your screen, or using your computer's print shortcut (⌘-P).

Please Note:

  1. Demographics and support notes are currently excluded on the printed version of the Profile Page in an effort to maintain privacy for printed content.  
  2. Printing looks best when the printing options don't include headers and footers, and do include background graphics. To get to these settings, it is a bit different in each browser, but usually located under print -> options. For example, in Chrome: 
  3. This functionality prints what is visible on the screen. For example, if you would like to include details about an intervention plan, expand that intervention plan on the page before printing. This applies to anything you can expand. You can see some examples in the attached Profile Page example.

Roster Page

Click here to view a sample printed roster page.

Student Profile

Click here to view a sample printed student profile page.

Take Action

  • Print out a student profile page for your next Parent-Teacher Conference meeting and celebrate the areas of strength and highlight the highest leverage areas of growth for individual students.
  • Print out a group of students after you've selected the desired demographic fields. This list can be students who you intend to celebrate or provide further support to, and you can keep students top of mind by adding the list to your clipboard or notebook. This makes for easy access while you are traveling around the school building.

If you would like to print your Panorama reports, you can review this article!

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