Launching and Administering Your Survey

Launching your Survey Project

Once you have selected your content and uploaded your roster file, if your surveys look ready, the last step is to "Approve the survey setup" to generate the surveys. This usually takes about a day. You'll get an email to let you know when surveys are ready to distribute!

A few recommendations:

  1. Let survey-takers know how to participate: Students will access surveys by entering their student ID numbers at the survey-taking website. You will see this survey taking url when your surveys are open. You can use the "Email Your Survey button to send staff and families a direct link to their individual survey from the platform. Read this article to learn more about distributing your surveys!
    1. Once distributed, we recommend giving respondents 1-2 weeks to participate in the surveys. This survey window might be narrower if you define a very specific time for collecting responses - say a specific time of the day over the course of a few days or a week or a faculty meeting.
  2. Check your response rates regularly: Not only will a high response rate lead to representative data, and more of it, but a higher response rate will also lower the risk of non-response bias. Non-response bias is the error resulting from distinct differences between the people who responded to a survey versus the people who did not respond. Learn how to monitor your response rates in platform.
  1. Close surveys and check back for your reports*: Once you’ve closed your survey, the platform will automatically begin creating your survey reports. You’ll receive an email once your reports are ready to view. This process should only take a few hours. Learn how to close a survey in your Panorama platform.

* If you are working with a Client Success Manager at Panorama to organize your reports, they will let you know when your results will be available.

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