Preparing Translations for Your Custom Content

What You’ll Learn

The resources below will give you information about why translations are important, how translations were developed for Panorama Instruments, and how to create translations for custom content.

Why Translations Matter

  • Accessibility: Offering surveys in the languages your community speaks makes the surveys accessible to all members of your community. Having translations available makes it more likely that you’ll capture feedback from all populations in your community.
  • Increased Response Rates: Offering multiple languages signals how much your school or district values community feedback and makes it easier for everyone to participate, especially families!

Translations of Panorama’s Instruments

The translations of the Panorama instruments were produced using translation best practices. Each instrument was translated into the target language by one translator, and then that translation was translated back into English by a different translator. The two translations were then reconciled to produce a standard text.Because we hope to serve the largest community of survey-takers possible, our translations do not reflect regional dialects or stylistic patterns. You are welcome to customize the translations to fit the needs of your particular context.

Translations of Custom Content

The surveys Panorama has developed facilitate easy administration and will provide the most valid data possible, but we know that some partners may want to use an instrument that they have developed or add a few custom questions to Panorama’s existing instruments that may require translations. The links below will help you understand how to share translated custom content with our team.

For Partners With Access to Panorama Survey Creation Tools

If you are creating a survey using Panorama's survey creation tool, you will need to provide translations of any custom questions. To translate your questions:

  1. Write your custom questions in the content page. 
  2. Select the language you want to translate in the left side-bar menu. 

  3. Scroll down to the custom question(s). Notice they are still in English!
  4. To edit, click on the custom question and update the fields with your translated content. Remember to click "save" when you are done with each question! 

For Partners Without Access to Panorama Survey Creation Tools

If you’re using custom survey content and want to offer translations of your content, download Panorama’s Translation Excel template and Translation Guide to help you understand the requirements of the template.

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