Planning for Your Surveys

Why Planning is Important

You are ready to start creating your surveys! But before you start, you want to make sure you have a clear idea of the goals for this round of surveys. What type of data do you want to collect? What are you planning to do with the data once your results are available? Once you've established the goals of your project, it's time to start planning! Here are some important steps in planning for survey projects.

Set Timelines for Your Survey Project

Meet with your team and determine the best time to launch your surveys for each of your respondent groups. Consider backwards-mapping your timeline based on when you would like to dig into the results. We recommend starting about 3-4 weeks before you hope to launch your surveys, or about 6 weeks before you want to review the data. Below is a sample timeline that many of our partners have used.

Build Buy-In with Your Community

Letting your staff, students, and families know about your survey project during the planning phase builds excitement and knowledge about the project. When your community is engaged from the beginning, they are more likely to participate in the surveys and use the data. Here are some articles that focus on building buy-in.

Explore your Panorama Platform

Explore the platform and get comfortable with it as you prepare to create your surveys. Consider setting up a test project to see the steps you’ll take to set up your survey. Don't worry about creating too many test projects, our support team can always archive those for you. Contact if you have questions about any steps in the process.

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