Using Survey Results in the Classroom

What You'll Learn

In this resource you can learn about how to implement a lesson plan to discuss your student feedback with your students.

Why is it important to discuss feedback results with my students?

  • Talking about your feedback results provides an opportunity to demonstrate growth mindset with students!
  • Students will be more likely to fill out future surveys honestly if they feel like their feedback is being taken seriously.

Take Action

Discussing direct feedback from your students can be challenging for most teachers. Before doing so, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Spend time with the results on your own. Ask yourself:
    1. What confirms what you already know?
    2. What surprises you?
  2. Look at your results with a trusted peer. He or she could be another teacher in your grade level or a mentor. 
    1. Read our resource about discussing results with a peer.
  3. Prepare a lesson for your classroom using this lesson plan template: Sharing Data with Students.
    1. Modify the template based on what you feel most comfortable with and the context of your classroom.
  4. Review our resources about student voice. It’s most important to frame the conversation about your results in the context of prioritizing your students’ voice and having a conversation about growth mindset.

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