Reviewing Survey Results with Peers

What You'll Learn

In this resource you can learn about peer feedback and how to take action with peer conversation after reviewing your reports.

Why Reviewing Results With a Peer Matters

  • Peers can help you stay low on the ladder of inference and help you identify facts in what you're seeing before jumping to conclusions about cause and effect.
  • Peers can help you be honest about your feelings. Getting feedback can be hard sometimes and peers can help you remember that your reports are one piece of the picture of your teaching. Use these feedback results to complement and inform observations and vice versa.
  • Peers can help you celebrate growth and identify strengths. Over time you'll be able to see if there are patterns in the feedback that you're receiving. Ask peers to help you highlight areas of growth and identify your strengths.

Take Action

We know it can be intimidating to share feedback survey results with peers. Feedback often includes both positive, confirming information about your practice, but also at times there can be information that is surprising or new. We encourage all educators and practitioners to reach out to trusted peers and mentors to have open and honest dialogue about how to incorporate feedback to improve their practice.

Keep the following tips in mind when reviewing your survey results with a peer:

  • Spend time to review results on your own before reaching out to a trusted peer. Review our resource on how to understand your reports here.
  • Consider bringing together a grade level team or a professional learning community to have a conversation about how the results can impact your work as a team. It’s often helpful to discuss your own results in the bigger context of the school or grade level that you’re working in.
  • Reach out to a mentor or peer who you trust can be open and honest with you about your own growth.
  • Use the following questions to frame a conversation with this peer:
    • What are you most curious to know from the feedback I received?
    • What do you think the participants will identify as the greatest strengths of our school and/or my teaching practice? Why?
    • What do you think the participants will identify as an area of growth in our school and/or my teaching practice? Why?

Additional Resources

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