Preparing and Uploading Your Roster File

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Uploading your file to the platform

NOTE: This section only applies to you if you have access to Panorama's survey creation tools. If you see an 'Admin' button on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then this section is for you! Otherwise, please reach out to your Panorama contact for more information.

Preparing your file is one of the most important tasks during the survey creation process. You'll see a variety of resources below to help you create the file, but once it looks good, you are ready to upload!


Why Data Formatting Matters

In order to have your rosters accepted by our platform, it is important to have data that is formatted correctly. Running through this checklist will speed up the process for you! Use this guide to prepare your file for upload to avoid common data file errors. Email your Panorama point of contact or if you hit any issues with your upload.

Data Quality Checklist

Complete each step of the below  Data Quality Checklist before uploading any data file. Check out this list of Common Errors and How to Resolve them.

  • Download the data file template from your platform: This will ensure that your column headers are automatically read by our system, which will make your life easier when you're ready to upload. See this gif to help you find your roster template in the platform!
  • Remove duplicates or empty/incomplete fields: Check for and remove duplicate ID numbers, duplicate or empty email addresses, or email addresses that are incomplete.
  • Remove all blank rows and columns from your data file: The data file upload will stop at the first blank row in your file, so only the data appearing above the first blank row will be imported into our platform.
  • Use only numeric values for grade levels: Only use 3-12 to represent grade level. Avoid “grade 3” and “3rd”, for example.  Note: For Family and Teacher Perception of Student (TPOS) surveys, if you must include data for Pre-K and Kindergarten, please assign a numeric value to each grade level. For example, use the number 0 for Kindergarten and -1 or -2 for Pre-K.
  • Match your column headers with the data file template: This is very important and will ensure that the platform recognizes all columns correctly. If column headers do not match the template, the platform will think required information is missing! For example, label your column "Student First Name" as opposed to "First Name". You'll also have the opportunity to map columns that the platform doesn't recognize once you upload
  • Ensure the school and/or district names match any previous data uploads: If not, you’ll create a new school or district rather than adding to the existing one! This can negatively impact your reporting experience.

Downloading Roster File Templates

To ensure that your roster file headers are automatically read by our system, we recommend that you to download the appropriate roster file template that best fits your survey needs. The templates, which you can use to format your roster, are available for download below, as well as in the platform.

Additional Resources

Review these data file guides to learn more about the information that is required by our platform and the optional information that may provide additional insights on your reports. Understanding what kind of information is required in which column of your data file with examples can help you see around corners and identify areas where you may need additional support accessing data. 

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