Understanding Your Panorama Reports

For more information about Panorama reports, download our reports guides and Report Reflection Toolkit.


Welcome to Panorama! I'm Jack, and I'm excited to give you a quick tour of your survey reports this year. Let's get started by logging in with the email and password that you've set. 


Here, I can see which level of my school system to view survey results for. Let's find my school. From my school's page, I can see survey results from each one of my surveys and previous results. As I scroll down, I can show a breakdown of who responded to my survey, including any demographic information. Then, I can get a high-level overview of my survey results, including the topic, the score, a comparison to others and a change from previous surveys. 

Topic and Question-Level Results

I can click into this topic to explore more. Here, I can see the percent favorable, or my score on the topic, and how that's changed from the last survey. I can compare my results to  benchmarks across the district or nationally, which can be filtered by various properties like school setting, school level, and free and reduced lunch percentage to compare my results to other schools that match my setting. 

I can then explore this topic by different subgroups on my survey. I can scroll down to see each question that was asked in this topic. By clicking in, I can see the distribution of responses and how that compares across each subgroup. 

Taking Action with Playbook

As I scroll to the bottom, I can find Playbook strategies to improve in this area. Each Playbook strategy comes from a successful classroom teacher or a partner, and tells you different goals or actions you can take to improve. 

On any of my results, if I see something interesting that I want to save, I can use  Bookmarks. Just look for the Add to Bookmarks button. You can tag it and add a quick note. Your Bookmarks will be added here, where you can save them in PDF or PowerPoint. 


You may also have access to different dashboards that show data such as the response rates on your school's surveys, heat maps of results from every school or every teacher, and those of differing groups to understand strengths and identify opportunities for growth. 

Print Results

Lastly, I can always return to download my report as a PDF to save and print at any time. 

Thanks for watching! We hope you'll use your Panorama data to drive meaningful improvements at your school and district this year.

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