Helping Staff Interpret Panorama Reports

What You’ll Learn

With this resource, you’ll learn to host a Data Carousel, a dynamic, participant-driven activity for interpreting Panorama reports collaboratively. Many schools have found the Data Carousel protocol an energizing approach to digesting large quantities of feedback data with teacher teams.

Why Interpreting Reports Collaboratively Matters

When we’re faced with a large quantity of data, it can be hard to know where to start, let alone how to help others understand and interpret results collaboratively. We know that when teams come together to make meaning from Panorama reports and reflect on practice, they gain new insights and get motivated to take action.

How Does a Data Carousel Work?

  • Survey topics are represented by chart paper hung around a meeting room.
  • Participants gather in groups and explore one survey topic report at a time, rotating every few minutes until all groups have explored all survey topics.
  • When the “carousel” stops, each group returns to the topic where they started and shares findings out with the larger group.
For a one-page facilitation guide, please see downloadable PDF below.

Take Action

For more detailed instructions on running your own data carousel to help your staff interpret Panorama reports, download Panorama's Data Carousel Facilitation Guide.

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