Sharing Data with Principals

What You’ll Learn

With this resource, you’ll learn about best practices for sharing Panorama data with school leaders. We work with many partners coming from all different contexts, and some pieces of wisdom have stuck.

Why Sharing Data Matters

As educators, we know that trial and error is usually not the best approach. Resources and time are precious in our work, and we want to do the best we can for students, always. We’re excited to share these tips from our clients for sharing Panorama data with principals.

Tips for Sharing Panorama Data with Principals

  • Encourage principals to articulate purpose to staff: Why did you choose surveys?
  • Encourage principals be transparent about expectations: What are reports going to be used for?
  • Teach principals how to use reports. Schedule time to demonstrate how to look at reports and answer technical questions.
  • Build a team of advocates! Identify a core group of leaders who are especially motivated to use the results, and their enthusiasm will be contagious to more reluctant users.
  • Highlight the Leadership Dashboard, which provides a great high-level overview that makes identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses easy.
  • Encourage principals to use Bookmarks to record notes.
  • Motivate principals to share important pieces of information by exporting their bookmarked data into a shareable PDF or PPT (Find instructions on how to share here)
  • Build a network: identify ‘topic leaders’ who can share best practices in a particular topic they excelled in with those who need support.

Take Action

Download our customizable PowerPoint presentation:  Sharing Panorama Data with Principals.

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