Raising Student Survey Response Rates

What You'll Learn

Strategies for engaging students before, during, and after survey administration.

Why Engaging Students is Important

Schools and districts working with Panorama Education achieve the highest response rates and by building buy-in with students throughout the survey cycle. Below you will find a list of strategies that our schools and districts have found most successful in raising survey awareness, buy-in and response rates among students.
Note:  many of the strategies have an accompanying resource; click on the link to download the resource!

Take Action

Before Students Take Surveys

  • Solicit student input on survey content by holding focus groups or by polling students
  • Thoughtfully schedule the survey window by designating a class period to complete the surveys, by planning make up time for absent students, and by avoiding school holidays and testing dates 
  • Raise awareness in advance by hanging Student Voice Counts posters in schools and by encouraging teachers to talk to students about the survey (lesson plan for grades 3-5)
  • Establish clear incentives for participation upfront—some schools have even offered a small prize for classes with the highest response rates!
  • Communicate why the survey matters and how the results will be used with our customizable Panorama Student Survey Resource Kit.

While Students Take Surveys

  • Provide progress updates to schools by sharing Panorama's Response Rate Dashboard, by sending regular email updates to principals, or by posting a "progress thermometer" in each school

After Students Have Completed Surveys

  • Close the loop by sharing the survey results with your students
  • Increase visibility of the data for students by having teachers use Panorama Education's sample lesson plan about the survey
  • Demonstrate how your school or district values student feedback by communicating how you will take action on the survey results

Additional Resources

Learn more about how La Cañada Unified School District improved visibility within their community.

To download this list of strategies as a PDF, click  here.

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