What is a Project in Panorama's Online Platform?

What you’ll learn:

This resource will help you understand how to create Projects to ensure that the survey results you receive will be in the correct format. Follow along below to set up your survey project(s) with the end in mind.

Why Creating Projects Correctly Matters

The first step in setting up your surveys through Panorama’s online platform is to create a Project. We want to help you create survey projects that give you the most useful reports at the end of your survey project.

What is a Project and How does it Translate to Reports?

A project is how we refer to a group of related survey administrations. We have three types of projects: Social-emotional learning (SEL) surveys, Feedback surveys, and Community surveys. A project should contain all surveys you run in a given time period that fall within one of these project types.

We recommend grouping projects by both time period (season and year) AND survey type (Feedback, SEL, or Community) to help you remember when the data was collected.The project name will appear on your reports, so we recommend using both time and type in the name (i.e. Fall 2017 Social-Emotional Learning Surveys). These project names can always be adjusted later on!

Take Action - Create your Project(s)

Use the scenarios below to decide how to set up your survey projects for success. Still have questions? Please contact our support team to help clarify.

Scenario 1: Feedback Surveys

In the Fall semester, I want to survey all of my teachers and students in grades 3-12 about our school climate. I want to know how my students respond differently by grade level.

What to do (see photo example below): 

  • Create one project with both survey administrations (students and teachers). 
  • Name this project so that you know what type of data was collected in the future, such as “Spring 2018 Feedback Surveys.” 
  • Once your survey is closed, your reports will contain results from both the teacher and student surveys in one executive summary. You’ll also be able to see separate reports for the teacher and student surveys as well. In the student surveys, you’ll be able to see how responses vary by grade level.

What to avoid:

  • Do not create one project for your student surveys and one for your teachers. This information will be most useful to you on your reports when grouped into the same project.
  • Do not create different surveys for each grade level, as this presents challenges during report set-up. For example, you would have no way to compare your grade level differences.  

Scenario 2: SEL Surveys

Next month, I want to survey my teachers on their thoughts about SEL in our school. I also want to survey my students about their own SEL competencies and how supported they feel in the school.

What to do (see photo example below): Create one project with all of these surveys, since they are all the same type of survey (SEL). See photo example of your project with all three surveys. You’ll be able to see all of your results from all three surveys in one executive summary, and will be able to see each report separately as well.

What to avoid:

  • Do not create one project for your student SEL surveys and a different one for your teachers! This information will be most useful to you on your reports when grouped into the same project.

FAQ about Projects:

What does it look like if I run both a Feedback Survey project and and SEL project in the same timeframe?

  • On your project timeline in Panorama’s platform, projects will be separated by “type”:

  • On reports, feedback survey administrations will be grouped in the “Feedback project” and your SEL survey administrations will be in your “SEL project”. You’ll receive an executive summary for each project type. Here is an example of a report timeline with both feedback and SEL survey projects

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