How Can I Set A Positive Tone When Sharing Panorama Reports?

What You'll Learn

With this resource, you’ll learn to facilitate a team conversation about teachers’ fears and hopes associated with viewing Panorama reports. This protocol stimulates reflection and conversation to establish norms for looking at feedback data.

Why Interpreting Reports Collaboratively Matters

Looking at feedback data can be an emotional experience. We’ve found that teachers feel most empowered and inspired by Panorama reports when leaders help set a positive tone from the start. Asking teachers to acknowledge their highest hopes and apprehensions is a great way to ensure a positive and productive experience with Panorama reports.

How Does Fears, Hopes, Norms work?

  • The session leader states the importance of establishing norms for looking at feedback data.
  • Participants reflect independently on their hopes and fears about examining feedback data, and suggest norms to support a positive experience.
  • Participants discuss their thoughts with each other and share aloud some highlights with the whole group.

For the one-page facilitation guide, please see the downloadable PDF below.

Take Action

For a participant-facing handout to help organize this protocol download Fears, Hopes, Norms.*

*Adapted from School Reform Initiative.

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