How Do I Prepare Custom Content For My Feedback or SEL project?

What You’ll Learn

The resources below will give you information about how to improve your custom survey content and share it with us in a format that allows us to upload it accurately and quickly onto our platform. 

NOTE: If you create your surveys in Panorama's online platform, you can add custom content directly in the platform. This article only applies to customers working with a project manager at Panorama to set up their surveys. 

Why Custom Content Matters

We encourage our school and district partners to use our survey instruments, including the Panorama Student Survey, the Panorama Teacher Survey and the Family-School Relationships Survey. We know that some district and school partners may want to use an instrument that they have developed or add a few custom questions to Panorama’s existing instruments.

The links below will help you understand how to design custom content according to our research team’s best practices. You’ll also find resources for sharing that content with Panorama’s team so that we can make it available for your stakeholder groups.

Take Action

How to design and share custom content:

1. Panorama Education’s Survey Design Checklist - This checklist will ensure your custom content adheres to survey best practices, which will yield better data.

2. Panorama’s Custom Survey Excel Template - This .xls template will help Panorama make sure that your custom content is appearing in the platform exactly as you intended.

3. Panorama’s Custom Survey Template Guide - This guide will help you understand our custom survey content template and answer questions like “What does 'question type' mean?”

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