How Do I Raise Family Survey Response Rates?

What You'll Learn

Strategies for engaging families before, during, and after survey administration.

Why Engaging Families is Important

Schools and districts working with Panorama Education achieve the highest family response rates by establishing touch points with families before, during and after the survey window. Below you will find a list of strategies that our schools and districts have found most successful in increasing family response rates. 

Note: many of the strategies have an accompanying resource; click on the link to download the resource!

Take Action

Before Families Take Surveys

  • Solicit family input on survey content by holding focus groups or by polling families at an event
  • Send pre-notifications about the survey: emails, phone calls, school newsletters, postcards or backpack letters home, posters in schools, or announcements at school and community events
  • Establish clear incentives for participation upfront - some schools have even offered a small prize for classes with the highest response rates!
  • Communicate why the survey matters and how the results will be used - why is it important for families to provide feedback to their schools?

While Families Are Taking Surveys

  • Make use of multiple mediums for families to take the survey: email families directly and have computers or paper copies available at widely-attended school or community events.
  • Provide progress updates to schools: post a "progress thermometer" in each school, send regular update emails to school liaisons and teachers, and provide teachers with list of children with outstanding surveys
  • Send reminders via email, phone call, or newsletter

After Families Have Completed Surveys

  • Close the loop by sharing the survey results with your families
  • Increase visibility of data to families by posting results on your school website, in community newsletters, or in emails home
  • Demonstrate how your school or district values feedback by communicating how you will take action on the survey results

Additional Resources

Learn more about how La CaƱada Unified School District improved visibility within their community, and read our blog post on the best time of day to send surveys.

To download this list of strategies as a .PDF, click here.

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