I want all families to be able to take surveys, but I’m worried that I don’t have an accurate data file. What kind of family survey project should I run?

An “anonymous” family survey may make sense for you.

  • Anonymous Surveys: Panorama creates a link for each survey subject (i.e. the school, the district, the teacher, etc.). Since demographic information won’t be shared in a data file, we recommend including self-reporting demographic questions on the survey. Unlike confidential surveys, Panorama won’t have visibility into which guardians have and have not completed surveys. Anonymous survey links can be emailed to family members or posted on school/district websites.

If you have high-quality data and contact information for guardians, you may consider running confidential surveys.  

  • Confidential surveys ensure that each survey link is uniquely assigned to a given guardian. This allows for more accurate demographic breakdowns (if this is included in the data file) and the ability to track response rates and reach out directly to families who have not yet completed their surveys.
  • Even when districts and schools have high-quality contact information to support confidential surveys, they often supplement with anonymous surveys (online or printed) to try to ensure families whose information is not accurate or for whom the district/school has no contact information can still participate.

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