How do I make sure that respondents know about our family survey?

Schools and districts have the most success with family surveys when they share information up front about how the results will be used and shared. Templates are available for all the types of successful communication that clients have used. The more messaging that happens in advance of survey launch, the better. Some methods that have proven successful include:

  • School and district newsletters, emails, and press releases. Read about how New Bedford (MA) engaged their community early on.
  • Some districts use automated systems to send out text messages or leave phone messages reminding families about the survey.
  • Posting information on school/district websites.
  • Hosting a place to take surveys during popular school-wide events (Back to School Nights, Parent-Teacher conferences).
  • Panorama can send reminder emails. We have conducted studies on the best times to send reminder emails to increase response rates.

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