Understanding Reports for Principals

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For more information about Panorama reports, download our reports guides and Report Reflection Toolkit:


Welcome to Panorama! I'm Jack, and I'm excited to give you a quick tour of Panorama's online reports and analytics for your surveys this year.

Getting Started

Let's start by logging in with the email and password that you've created. 

Here, you can pick which level of your school system to see the results for. Let's find my school. Now I can see a timeline of all the survey results from this year and any previous years for each type of survey: from my school climate surveys for students, family surveys, and social-emotional learning measures.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of your survey and its results including who was surveyed, on what topics, and how it's been scored. Then, you can see your overall results by topics. I can head back to look at different types dashboards, too.


The Response Rate Dashboard shows me how many, or what percentage of, responses we received on the survey.

Leadership View shows me a clickable heat map to identify strengths and areas for growth across all my survey topics.

And Subgroup View lets me see how different demographic groups responded to the survey. Here, you can understand the differences and experiences for your students, staff, and families.

Viewing Results

Back on the Timeline Page, I can click into a specific survey to dig into the data. I can see all of my topics and click into each score to explore the questions in more depth. I can see how this score has changed over time as well as comparisons to my district or Panorama's national benchmarks, which can be filtered to compare my results to schools of similar contexts, and subgroup breakdowns about this topic specifically. Then, I can see exactly how folks responded question by question. I can click in to see the distribution of responses and how different subgroups answered this question. 

If I find something interesting or surprising, I can use Bookmarks to save this finding and add a quick note. I can then go up and export my bookmarked findings to a PDF or PowerPoint to share with others, too. Lastly, I can return and always download my results to a PDF to print and review at any time.

Thanks for watching! We hope you'll use your Panorama data to drive meaningful improvement in your school and across your district this year.

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